One More Year

It's been another year since I last posted here. Apparently I am now an annual blogger. Never my intention, but better than nothing.

Sitting down to write something feels completely alien. Only the significance of this date is keeping me focused.

I'll stick with the accidentally-formed pattern and talk about work first. Let's be honest, if I didn't have a loose framework to follow even these hideous sentences wouldn't be falling out of my fingers.

Onto Shock then. No shock there. *shudder*

This year has been another blast. I am so lucky, and so grateful for the people I have met, the projects I have worked on and the friends I've made along the way. I'm coasting, slightly, but I actually feel pretty good about that. I haven't had to hunt for work and the bills have remained paid. Super grateful. If you have something you'd like a hand with, you know the drill.

I'll put together a portfolio to one of these days. I did write a PHP framework. No idea why.

Now to the relationship segment, only because I fear breaking THE ALMIGHTY PATTERN.

I enjoyed what could be initially described as a whirlwind romance that unfortuantly became a heart-wrenching waste of time (at least partially). So that was fun. A nice reminder that I am still a stupid boy.

It's strange and refreshing to feel uncertain about whatever "love" is, or who "the one" will actually turn out to be. And as my twenty fifth birthday looms, I don't think I'd have things any other way.

So, another hell of a year. I'm going to try and find myself a home next, one that has an internet connection that isn't akin to browsing through treacle.

This website looks terrible to me now. I will find time to do something about that. Maybe. It certainly won't be using Jekyll. However, I did give some love. That sounds weird.

This time next year two of my very best friends will be married. I still have Best Man speeches to write for both of them, and judging by this effort they can look forward to five minutes of hastily strung together garbage.