This is the post I should have written last week. Instead I rambled on about what I blogged about five years ago.

Right after I finished that I started wondering if I should have written it at all, no one is going to care, it's not interesting, it's not helpful.

But that shouldn't matter.

That post isn't for an audience, not really, if someone reads it and likes it, or hates it, or is indifferent to the whole thing that really doesn't matter.

It's really difficult to not feel judgment, to not feel like you need to do something more than just ramble on. Who are you trying to please? Who am I trying to please?

There are a load of people who just share knowledge, constantly and consistently blowing my mind - I can't write to that standard, I don't know those things. There's no need to try and compete. You can still share what you know, if it's already been written before then go ahead and write it again, it's one more place where this information can help.

It's important to know the difference though: create, don't regurgitate.

I guess if feels like there is a massive requirement to do something useful. But when you can't do that, you do nothing. That's where I fell down last time. This time I'm doing something, you can always get better once you start.

The point is, if you have a personal website where you can't write personally about the things you care about then you might as well quit now because you don't have anything.