Second Post

Gruber linked to something fun; Dan Phiffer takes a look back at some of his favourite bloggers second posts, and then wraps them up as the focus of his second post. Meta. I figure it'll be a fun exercise to take a look at the second post of my existing site and see how things have changed.

In an attempt to keep things as confusing as possible:

  • This site hasn't been launched yet.
  • I have been writing on this site, but you can't read it yet.
  • The posts are for you, but you can't read them yet, so I am only talking to myself.
  • I am only talking to myself, until the site goes live, in which case anything posted prior to that date is actually talking to you.
  • My existing website will be replaced, in its entirety, by this new one
  • The above link to my existing website now redirects to this website anyway, so clicking it is entirely pointless.
  • If you are reading this, then this is my existing site and the previous one is already gone.
  • All of the posts from my existing website (not this one, the other existing one) will be removed.
  • This post references one of the old posts, which you won't be able to read at all, by the time you read this.
  • This post is called Second Post, even though it's actually my tenth post, and the sixth of Project52.


My second post, which has a title far too embarrassing to reproduce here (I was young) was posted on the 3rd of October 2005 at 9:45, which I'll call five years ago for the sake of round numbers.

I was just about to start my new job at Binamic, the same job I am still at. I can't say I'm too surprised as it's an awesome job to have landed. The company has grown since then and my skills as a designer and developer have improved as the projects have got more complex and exciting.

It was the first day I tried to catch the 305 bus, a service which had got me to work pretty much without fail all for the years I had been using it (at least, got me to work when the bus actually turned up). Unfortunately the route has now been taken over by a different company and the service has been greatly reduced. Not so devastating as I am now car-pooling with a colleague but more a loss for the elderly villagers who depend on the transport to get around. I went to a meeting about it, hopefully something better will be sorted.

I had just got back from a trip to Leeds, where I met up with a long time internet friend who has organised a streetboarding event. The video isn't available anymore, but I recall some pretty rad tricks where landed, I also recall that sleeping on the bottom three of a set of stairs without a blanket does not provide the most comfortable nights sleep.

It was around this time that I got broadband and started playing Counter-Strike Source online. I'm still sinking hours of free time into multiplayer gaming. Team Fortress 2 (another Valve classic) absorbed a lot of it and World of Warcraft is currently receiving most attention.

Back then I seemed pretty excited by the 2advanced website. I wanted to be a Flash designer more than anything at that point, interesting to see how I've evolved with the web, standards are now at the fore front and it's clear Flash is going to lose it's foothold on the internet over the next couple of years.

The post had two comments, the first from Steph Edwards, a good friend who I have not seen nearly as much as I should have. She's now doing amazing things with a camera. The other was from Natasha Wojtowicz, one of my closest and dearest friends. It's reassuring to know that strong friendships never get tired.

Boring, badly written blog post leads to another boring, badly written blog post as history repeats itself. Though it was fun to look back for a while. Maybe the next one will be a little more exciting.