The other week I posted about the design of this site and the grid I used. I am still pretty proud of that post but was slightly disappointed that I didn't receive any comments or feedback.

Time Passes…

A few days later I was plugging through my feeds in Fever, as usual I found something that looked pretty interesting and clicked through to the site to read it.

Once I was there I read the first paragraph, part of the second, skimmed the next couple, glanced at the comments, closed the site and returned to Fever.

Then I realised the problem.

The Problem

It's already a given that people don't read on The Internets, there's so much information available it becomes more efficient to absorb the content from multiple places than it is to sweat the details of one particular blog post or article.

I spend days stressing over the navigation and flow of websites. A user needs to be able to find what they need, get to it, consume it and move on. Heaven forbid they stop and take the time to actually read and enjoy the content.

Blue Sky Solutioneering

My proposal, and something that I think will compliment Project52 perfectly is to make sure I read, and I mean really read at least one blog post a week, for a year.

I'll update this post every week, with a single post or article which I have read, savoured and enjoyed, and then maybe you can go and read it too.

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