Project52 starts tomorrow. One blog post a week, for a year. It's going to be tough.

Although primarily a challenge for myself - a chance to hone my writing skills, build some focus and hopefully write something useful - Project52 could be massive for the community as a whole. Just a quick glance at the signup list reveals there are loads of great bloggers who don't usually post frequently but are committing to one post a week. The amount of quality content will blossom in a matter of weeks, a refreshing alternative to the "Top N Lists" that have become so popular.

I'll update this list every time I publish a new post. Keeping track of my progress as the weeks and months go by…

Wish me luck.

  1. Being a Code Sponge
  2. Writing Trinity
  3. Help Your Team. Help Yourself
  4. The WordPress (L)OOP
  5. One Month
  6. Second Post
  7. Something
  8. Rotation in Processing.js
  9. Colour Subtle
  10. Revealing the Grid