Colour Subtle

I've been a fan of COLOURlovers for a long time now. I'm pretty sure I was around when the idea was first floated on Kirupa, a flash web design forum that I used to frequent when I first started designing for the web.

Since then, I've developed my taste for web design and design in general. I know what I like and I'm pretty quick to make a judgement on whether a site has what it takes to impress me.

It was with this eye that I approached the latest COLOURlovers re-design. One scroll down the homepage and by the time I reached the bottom I was already sold on it.

It's all in the footer.

The COLOURLovers footer

Look closer.

The colours of the COLOURLovers footer


The colours of the COLOURLovers footer with increased saturation

I just couldn't resist this little touch of genius, taking a pretty regular footer, adding something clever, charming and distinct. Thoughtful design like this makes all the difference.

Next time you're designing, make sure you add something extra, a little flourish to catch attention and make your work stand out in the crowd.