A New Name

The Critical Web Design domain was the first I ever bought, and it's been with me since I first decided to get serious about web design and make it a career. Really it's not a bad name, but as I have grown older I've become to see its problems, its inelegance and irrelevance.

As with most things, Critical Web Design has now run its course and its time for a change. Not a massive change, but enough to get me thinking, get things refreshed and shed a new light on Critical.

The change is "Zero", nothing more and certainly nothing less.

There is a song by The Matches called "Little Maggots" one of the lyrics is:

dust to dust and justice is, is for us all and all's for… nothing, fucking zero

For some reason that last word, zero always stood out to me and the more I listened the more I knew it would make a suitable pairing with Critical, not to mention that together they form something of a contradiction.

With the name comes a new logo, something I am truly proud of and can't wait to show off.

New Critical Zero logo