A Fresh Start

Having grown increasingly tired of my previous blog and website, I was in need of a drastic change - something to kick start my enthusiasm again, to help me improve as a writer and to try and have some fun.

Writing a blog post had become (and still is) torturous, the design required at least 3 paragraphs for the homepage to look good and the old version of WordPress was an ugly, slow creature whose interface was off-putting enough. Not to mention all the old content, which after all this time feels inconsistent and it doesn't reflect where I want to go with the site at all.

So it's with this first post that I begin the change, I have set up a blank install of WordPress on my local iMac, and I am going to start from scratch, and I am going to do it in private. Away from the eyes and attention of The Internets, with no need to worry about who is reading or what I am writing about.

I have a few main goals:

  • Write quickly, concisely and keep to the point.
  • Shape a design around the content, and ensure it encourages the writing, and doesn’t get in the way.
  • Speak my mind and of what I know - someone will find it interesting
  • Have fun!