One Month

In Twenty Eight days I will be launching this website. I've been working on it locally now since the start of September. The design has gone through around ten iterations and I've only shown it to two other people.

I'm writing this to mark a milestone. The homepage, post page and 404 page are all complete. The minimum I will need to launch with. There is still a massive amount of work left to do, and I am starting to doubt whether the colour is even working, and whether the content is even readable. If it's not I will fail on one of the key goals I set out at the beginning:

Shape a design around the content, and ensure it encourages the writing, and doesn’t get in the way.

Do I change the colour now and sacrifice the vision? Do I stick to my guns but launch something interesting but unusable.

You can't answer now, because it'll be a month until you read this, but it's going to be interesting to look back here and compare it to what happened next.

A preview of Critical Zero